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                KORRUN WORLDWIDE

                Integrity & Compliance

                Korrun Co., Ltd., has consistently adheredto a fair, just, and open market environment by upholding the principle of transparent cooperation, self-demanded discipline, and probity in business relationships withourcustomers, business partners, and shareholders. To honor this commitment, we at Korrun will comply with relevant laws and regulations in our business activities.

                At Korrun, we require all our employees to strictly follow theKorrun Code of Disciplined and Honest Business Conduct and uphold integrity and ethics as our values in transactions with our business partners; we tolerate no unethical and illegal conduct whatsoever. The support of our business partners is very important. In case thatyou have any question about the Korrun code of business conduct, hope to receiveguidance about compliance in regard to Korrun business, or hope to report any suspected unethical or illegal conduct concerning any of Korrun employees, please feel free to contact us at any time.

                Email: chengxin@korrun.com


                We will handle all inquiries and reports with prudence and try our best to keep them confidential to the extent as permitted by laws and regulations. All our investigations will be based on legal and regulatory compliance.

                KorrunCo., Ltd. prohibitsanyperson or entity in Korrun from reprisal or retaliation uponanyonewho has, in good faith, provided information or assisted in investigationregardingany unethical or illegal conduct.