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                KORRUN WORLDWIDE

                Credentials & Honors

                Honors Received by Korrun Co., Ltd. and Its Subsidiaries

                • Top Ten Industrial Enterprises (2011)
                • Provincial Enterprise of Integrity (2012)
                • Excellent Industrial Enterprise (2012)
                • Excellent Enterprise Awardby Caohejing Hi-tech Park, Shanghai
                • Demonstration Enterprise withInformatization-Industrialization Integration
                • Excellent Civilian-runEnterprise (2013)
                • Anhui Province’s Focused, Specialized, Extraordinary and New Enterprise (2014)
                • Top Ten Innovative Enterprises (2015)
                • Anhui Province’sCivilian-runTechnology Company
                • Top Ten Growth Enterprises (2014)
                • Top Ten Tax-paying Enterprises (2014)
                • Top Ten Tax-paying Enterprises (2015)
                • Second Prize ofScience and Technological Progress Awards(2014)
                • Anhui Province’s Outstanding Performance Award Certificate (2015)
                • Guildford Famous Brand Product (2013)
                • China Annual Awards of Best Employer Nomination (2016)
                • Excellent Enterprise in Xinqiao Town, Songjiang District, Shanghai City (2016)
                • Economic Contribution Award byLingang Songjiang Science & Technology Town, Shanghai (2016)

                Credentials Owned by Korrun Co., Ltd.

                • Licensed Product Quality Award in Expo 2010Shanghai, China
                • China Chamber of Commerce for Import and Export of Light Industrial Products and Arts-Crafts or CCCLA (2013)
                • Municipal Engineering Technology Center (2014)
                • Provincial Enterprise Technology Center (2014)
                • Standing Director of the Party of National Textile Association (2015)
                • Post-doctoral Scientific Research Workstation (2015)
                • Guildford Famous Trademark of Anhui Province (2015)
                • CCS – Informatization-Industrialization Integration Management System Certification (2016)

                Quality Honors and Certifications Obtained by Korrun for Its Quality Efforts

                • Mayoral Quality Award(2013)
                • Anhui ProvincialQuality Award (2014)
                • ISO9001 Quality Management System(2015)
                • ISO14001 Environment Management System(2015)
                • GJB9001 National Military Standard Quality Certification System(2013 – 2016)

                Achievements made in Product Technology byKorrun with Upheld Commitment to Technological Innovation

                • High-tech Enterprise Certificate (2014)
                • ListedHigh-strength Gauze-material Ladies’ Bags Made of High-tech Product of PVC-coatedPolyester (2014)
                • High-tech Product ofDraw-bar SuitcasesMade ofComposite Materials of Polypropylene Sheet andUHMWPE(2014)
                • High-tech Product ofSolar Energy Chargeable Computer Bags (2015)
                • High-tech Product of Smart Bluetooth Theft-proof Luggage (2015)
                • High-tech Product ofMould-proof& Anti-bacterial Multipurpose Backpacks (2016)
                • High-tech Product ofFashionable Backpack Based on Mould-proof PU Foam Technology(2016)

                Other Honors Received by Korrun

                • Chairman Fan Jinsong honored as “Technology Leader of Anhui Province” (2013)
                • Zhang Shuo, VP of R&D of Korrun Co., Ltd., hired by Chuzhou City as headof the innovation team of“Application of Smart Bluetooth Theft-proof Technology” (2015)
                • Chairman Fan Jinsong honored as one of the “Top Ten Anhui Home-coming InvestmentMerchants ”inthe Third Annual Oscar Gala of Anhui Merchants(2016)