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                KORRUN WORLDWIDE


                开润股份2019年1月大事★件回顾|BIG NEWS IN JANUARY Part.2 2019-03-27


                90Fun& Stray Earth co-branded suitcase.

                人生是场伟大的冒险,勇敢的你选择一路向前。90分携手由刘这样死死地控制住女鬼慈欣同名小说改编的电影《流浪地球》,发布官方授权主题合△作款旅行箱系列——“Adventurer” !纵然前路未知,90分愿陪你●出发,冒险一搏!

                2019年1月7日,90分&《流浪地球》官方授权主题合作款旅行箱系列,已在90分官方微信商城/天猫/京东/小米有ξ 品等渠道同步限量开售!

                Life is a great adventure, brave you choose to move forward. 90 points join hands with Liu Cixin in the film "Stray Earth" based on the novel of the same name, released the officially licensed themed cooperative suitcase series - "Adventurer"!

                Even if the road ahead is unknown, 90Fun is willing to accompany you to start, take a risk!

                On January 7th, 2019, 90Fun & Stray Earth officially authorized theme cooperation suitcase series, has been in 90Fun official WeChat mall/Tmall/JD/Mi Mall and other channels synchronous limited sales!

                90分 —“江疏影黑夜中红唇”定制旅行◥箱

                90Fun——"Jiang Shuying Red Lips" Customized Suitcase


                The meaning of traveling may be just to be with you. On January 18th, 2019, a custom-made suitcase named Jiang Shuying Red Lips was launched in 90Fun. Jiang Shuying personally participated in details carving.


                New 18-inch Business and Travel Luggage at 90 Fun


                On January 21st, 2019, the 18-inch dual-purpose suitcase for business and travel was launched at 90 Fun. Black noble, blue elegant, red publicity-- there is always one for you.


                90Fun light aluminum frame suitcase

                面对工作中未』知的多重工作挑战,能随时〓调整好心态,坚韧不拔是达︽成目标的重要因素;而∏在差旅中随行之物造成的意外压力,就有90分轻致铝框箱提供坚不可摧的保护。2019年1月24日,90分轻致铝框旅行箱 正式上线。

                In the face of unknown multiple work challenges, we can adjust our mindset at any time. Perseverance is an important factor to achieve our goals; and in the unexpected pressure caused by the travelling things, there are 90 Fun of light aluminum box to provide indestructible protection.

                On January 24, 2019, 90 Fun light aluminum-framed suitcase was officially launched.


                90Fun hot compress steam eye mask.


                On January 25th, 2019, 90Fun hot compresss team eyewear was officially manufactured, which uses spontaneous heat control technology to effectively alleviate fatigue and allow deep breathing in botheyes. Flake patented heater, uniform heating, more stable air permeability.Rich steam gives you a comfortable eye SPA experience and a more detailed travel experience.


                Children'scombed cotton knitted pantyhose

                小女孩的公主梦里总有一条粉色蓬蓬裙,踮起脚尖,翩翩起舞。2019年1月18日,稚行儿童精梳棉针织连裤袜在@小米有品 正式开售!金色皇冠刺绣,闪闪发光,为可爱』加分;白色和麻色双色可选,告别选择困↓难。

                In the little girl's princess's dream,there is always a pink fluffy skirt, standing on tiptoes and dancing. On January 18th, 2019, Unigrow Children's Combed Cotton Knitted Pantyhose wa sofficially launched at Xiaomi. Golden crown embroidery and sparkling make itlook cuter; With white and hemp color options, farewell to Select Phobia.


                The 11th New Employee Training was successfully held.


                On January 17th, 2019, the 11th new employee training course of Korrun Group, was successfully held. More than twenty Korrun New Forces from different departments gathered in the training room and took the first lesson of Korrun. During the training meeting, the students quickly became familiar with each other and deepened their understanding of Korrun through the interesting games, the lively speeches and the exhibitions. Friends, come on together in the days to come!


                First birthday party in 2019


                January 25th, 2019, in the midst of laughter,January's birthday party came to the end. Caprico and Aquarious gather at the bar to share cakes and red envelopes.