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                KORRUN WORLDWIDE


                《企业家应◢具备哪些素质》——范☉总演讲摘要(Mr. Fan's Speech) 2019-04-08


                On February 17, 2019, Hejun Group 2019 New Year Annual Meeting was held in Beijing Central National Concert Hall, Chairman of Korrun Co., Ltd. Mr. Fan Jinsong was invited to conduct "What traits should entrepreneurs have?" --Concurrently talk about the theme of my boss's ups and downs, the following is a summary of the highlights:


                Basic Logic


                ‘Three concepts of basic logic: in our industry, the market is big; our competitors are conservative; and firms live longer when they're more traditional and common.’



                ‘Fully understanding these logic makes our team works harder in this industry for more than ten years. It is very important for an entrepreneurial team to calm down and then keep going.’



                ‘When the industry is more traditional and fundamental, it is supposed to be even more energetic. When the structure becomes complex, it is supposed to be less energetic and it has higher possibility to be replaced.’


                ‘In traditional industry, it likes a monad. We can do business in long term when we get simplified structure.  For us, our target is to become a company lives for long.’

                岁寒知松柏,路遥也就是他之前抓出知马力。开润股份最初虽作◥为一个传统的箱包制造企业,但认清了三个底层逻辑,也就认清了生存长久的必要条件。当然,作为一个以科技为导向的传统行业,生存下去不是开润↙股份的唯一目标,时间会证明开润这匹“马”能跑得更㊣ 远。

                ‘Time tries all.’ Although Korrun was a traditional luggage manufacturing company, we need to recognize three concepts of basic logic, so that we understand necessary conditions for a long-term business. It is no doubt that Korrun is a company in traditional industry but it's technology-oriented, doing businesses in short-term is not the only goal. Time will prove that Korrun is able to go furture.’  




                ‘We hope to start our thinking from user's experience, taking innovation as our mission, and efficient supply chain of product would be the ability. This is Korrun's positioning for itself.’


                ‘When the market size is big, and the competitors are very conservative, we can live for a long time; but you need to have some creations and innovations in product, ,technology, policy, process, and management; otherwise  you need to have something new in your management style or business model. If you are a creative player, it could be a good choice for you to enter today's traditional industry.’


                ‘Attracting them with absolutely gorgeous and high-technology products, we call it marketing innovation. Innovations with such marketing model will bring huge market value, and then we will bring the innovative media promotion used in the US to domestic market.’

                “当你选择→一个行业的时候,你的竞争对手都很强大,所有的招数和套路都用尽的时候,你在使你的套路『就很难生效,但是从我们把IT的一些管理理念一些IT的创新办法带到传统的行业我们ζ 就很快可以脱颖而出。”

                ‘When you choose an industry, your competitors are very powerful, and you are out of tricks, it is very hard for you to use your old tricks again, but we can bring the management ideology from IT industry to our industry, then we've got a higher chance to stand out from the crowd.’


                It is mentioned above that three concepts of basic logic is the reason for why Korrun is able to do business in the long-term. Meanwhile, innovation also plays a key role in development of Korrun. It is obvious that Korrun has overtaken its competitors in many aspects. Besides, innovation has deeply become a part of organizational culture of Korrun.’




                ‘We need to find a good example for ourselves, good example is very powerful. It may save us a lot of time, and help us learn more in a very short time.’


                ‘We hope to find the best companies in China. Therefore, we told our core executive team to visit some of the top companies in China during the last year, we plan to build a learning system to learn about the latest management methods and skills. After that, we can use these skills and methods by our own.’

                学为人师,行为世范。90分品牌在2018年成为中国市场占有率▓第一位,作为一个行↙业的领头羊,开润在学习方面也从来不落后。如㊣同范总所说,寻找一个合适的榜样正是缩短了进步的路径。Stay hungry, stay young,不断学习,是每一个开润人乃至是整︾个人类进步不变的♀主题。

                A mentor’s behavior will be the guidance for others. Our brand “90Fun” occupies largest market share in 2018, as a leader in the industry, Korrun never ignores learning. Like what Mr Fan said, we can make easy progress as long as we find an appreciate example. Stay hungry, stay young, keep learning - - it’s the everlasting topic for employees in Korrun as well as all human-beings.’




                A company should be equipped with the sense of direction, and then keep following with the direction in the future. About sense of direction, I think there are three ‘cycles’, the first thing is the cycle of ability, how much can be included in your ‘ability cycle’? the second thing is important which is the cycle of your interests; lastly, the cycle of value is mentioned that, it is about the value something brings to your life, to the society and to the world, it is going to make you feel awarded or not.’


                ‘Two-way development is key. Some founders conducted excellent strategies, but they failed in talent attraction and team building, you must get strong in both two sides.’


                ‘No preparation, no fight, so that we never lose. We’ve got strategic vision; it gives every single person in Korrun a dream and a correct direction in their work. We believe there will be one day we will eventually succeed and make our dreams come true.’